Every woman is unique… Her jewelry should be too…

Featured Creation

Designer Charm Bracelet with Leather and Gold Plated Filigree

A handmade design, this leather and pearl charm bracelet combines gold plating, black handwoven leather, freshwater pearls, and two European charms – an enamel Hand of Fatima design, as well as a Gold Plated Flower charm for a classic touch.

Crafted with European elegance in mind, this bracelet is a unique creation that suits any occasion.


$ 75.00 (Reg. $ 95.00)

Chiki’s unique hand made custom jewelry creations

Besides her distinct physical appearance, from the way she smiles to way she walks to way she looks, each woman is unique. So why should she settle for a jewelry that was mass produced and owned by many ?

Chiki’s unique hand made jewelry creations are designed with this unique and individual style of each woman’s personality on mind. From sparkling gold, silver plated to copper necklaces and bracelets with breathtaking gemstones like pearls, amethyst, quartz, onyx, agate and many more, you can rest assured that you can find the most amazing and unique gift ideas for women in our collection.
Whatever the occasion may be, from unique Christmas gifts to mother’s day gifts, anniversary gifts to out of the blue, “just because…” gifts,  every single item in Chiki’s hand made jewelry collection is unique; just like her.

Chiki tries to make it easy for you to surprise and warm the heart of the one you love with her unbelievable assortment of unique hand made jewelry gifts for her.

There Are


And they are all unique like you

Why should you settle for a jewelry that was mass produced and owned by many ?